Meeting minutes 28/09/2020


  • Co-Presidents: Diogo & Georgia
  • Vice-President: Leo
  • Executive Advisor: Hugo
  • Head of Leisure: Catherine
  • CoSup Reps: Ben and Erik
  • CoReps: Jan, Georg & Paula
  • Treasurers: Jason and Valeria
  • Public Relations: Isabella
  • IT: Henri
  • Secretary: Marta
  • Poster Designer: Yolanda
  • Leisure: Fred, Alex, Ines & Lourenco

Questions ahead of CoSup meeting 04/09/2020:

  • Lower the 30 people limit due to pedagogical problems
  • COVID-19 as well
  • 27 people as new max?
  • 30 people -> a lot of chatter; Sections should change limitations for number of students
  • Not enough support teachers for people with learning disabilities
  • Pedagogical assistance, not just extra exam time
  • Compensation in terms of marks when it comes to people with significant disadvantages
  • Training programmes for learning disabilities for Pedagogical day
  • Student programmes
  • Tutoring programmes !
  • Student peer projects
  • Sign up programme: Students teach Students
  • “Peer-Learning”
  • Event for students
  • How to study well
  • How to give a good presentation
  • Or an expert comes and holds a presentation regarding pedagogy

PROMOTING and TRANSPARENCY should be improved Administration -> Students

Meeting Minutes -> UP ON INSTAGRAM !

Events that enhance our “year spirit” ?

S4-S5 Events

Sports day in Secondary!