Meeting minutes 08/10/2020

Main rule of PC: don’t talk about anything discussed in PC meetings outside of PC


  • Presentation on the European School system by VP Ilan Einstoss
  • Revised ecology budget - Proposed budget of REDACTED (divided among schools according to student population)
  • Investment ideas: water dispensers, digitalization of education, solar panel projects, expansions of green working groups in the schools
  • CoSup climate rep-harmonization
  • Other CoSup proposals:

    • Ethics as an elective
    • Vote at the BoG (Board of Governors)
    • Abolishment of 5 pupils per class limit
  • Interparents proposals:

    • More linear conversation between EB and national parent initiatives across the school
    • Expanded definition of vulnerable student
  • distance learning options
  • Problems brought up by the schools

    • Bullying (KiVa)
    • Mental health (surveys, supplementary pedagogical day covering these topics)
    • Lack of sexual education
    • Academic Excellence
  • Public Relations

    • Instagram spice up: exclusive content, giveaways…
    • Create Awareness (Alumni Europae)
    • Friendly rivalries (community spirit, communication between schools)
    • Possible cooperation between PR departments of the schools


  • Library - open for S7 (maybe split in 2 for S6 and S7?)
  • BYOD Project : better wifi - parents think it’s too much radiation?


  • Teachers have the authority to decide whether or not to use devices
  • Breaks - might change back to longer breaks (Alberici would like to propose a 25min break, taking time from lunch - we’re against it)

    • We don’t get student cards till we fix the breaks
  • Canteen: too many students at the same table and too much trash
  • No compos for S4
  • Teachers may be allowed to fully open the window for 2-3 min and then close them
  • Drug and mental health awareness workshops for students and teachers

Hoodies from last year - deadline for collecting and then an Instagram story sale of the leftovers (who wants to buy them)

Hoodies for this year:

  • Dates:


  • Look into how to sell

Water Bottles - sell for REDACTED, sell to teachers, environmental group