Meeting minutes 05/10/2021

Discussion on merch:

- Hoodies from last year are going to be sold for 15 euros

- Masks will be 3 euros (per mask)

- Both will be sold this week, thursday 7th and friday 8th during the 20 minute break (11:10 - 11:30)

- New merch:

- Hoodies

- Tote bags?

Competition for hoodie design, deadline 24th of October to submit

and deadline for voting 31th of October



- Club wall project

- Place with small presentations of all the clubs

Canteen meetings

From last week

- Anti-gaspillage project - encourage students to not waste food

- Free fruit will be back

For next meeting:

- Return food competition

- More vegan meals

- More healthy snacks

Administrative board meeting from last wednesday:

- School survey to fill out

- 6 seats per table

- S7’s will most likely have a normal BAC (orals and written)

COSUP meeting from saturday:

- JTC - Joint teaching committee meeting

- Clarify A mark

- More electronic books in the future

- Will try to create clearer guidelines for homework

- Euronight

- Probably in Luxembourg

- COSUP gaming


- promotion video


- a summary of all events from this year

Public relations

- Restart Snapchat and Facebook?

- Tiktok

- Monthly updates of PC actions