Meeting minutes 11/10/2021

Ideas for leisure room

- Sofas

- Tennis table?

- Better tables?

- Plants?

Educational council (12.10)

- More sex education

- Better S5-S6 room

- Get rid of the cross country or at least move it to better time of year - exchange it for sports day

- Reduce workload - organize teachers

- Give more information about the BACs - career day with more info on universities and different work fields


- Hoodies

- Sweaters

- Basic tote bags

- Design competition opens tomorrow


- Cooperation with Mamer

Writings on the wall project

- Climate project

- Winning artwork will be put in front of the school above of the sign

Leisure updates

- Christmas event (16+)

- S1-S3 possible disco

PC picture will be published in the near future

Monthly report of the PC work

- Written report every semester

- PC monthly report on social media (first one end of October)

New European flag in the entrance

Cards will probably arrive this or next week