Meeting minutes 28/02/2022

Heys guys, this is what we discussed in this week’s meeting, namely events, the homework policy and the environmental meeting.

The S4-S5 prom was a great success, thank you all for coming and making it a memorable night


  • it will happen on March 11th fro 21h to 3h
  • ppl from lux2 will participate as well REDACTED

Ukrainian support

  • a minute of silence will happen on the 4th of march
  • to show support

    • flags in b block?
    • donation box
    • pins and pencils

Homework policy

  • very constructive meeting with the management, they agreed to a lot of our changes and ideas

Environmental meeting

  • food waste challenge, which our school has already started
  • more meatless options in the canteen
  • founding a better environmental group
  • a challenge - 5% less - participation from all european schools - starts in march