Meeting minutes 07/03/2022

Hey guys, in today’s meeting we discussed our upcoming events, the finance proposal and the meeting with the management.

The Ukraine day we organized was a great success and from all the reposts we will be donating 450 euros to the Red Cross.

Conseil reps

  • Cross country - REDACTED

Finance proposal

  • we would like to be more open and transparent about our finances


  • this event is right around the corner and the organization should go smoothly, to help this we discussed rules that should be followed by the students

    • students cannot skip the line, if they do they will be banned from buying a ticket on that day
    • students cannot give their tickets to someone else - if you cannot come to the event last minute, notify the pc


  • will be officially announced tonight
  • lux 2 can participate as well
  • hosts and judges

Meeting with the management

  • Installation of the Feminine Hygiene products

    • the drawer has been ordered and we may give suggestions for any female hygiene products we want to include
  • The fitness room

    • currently being repaired REDACTED
  • Regarding the struggles of Vegans/Vegetarians

    • ask the class reps to make a two week analysis/summary of what sodexo offers