Meeting minutes 09/10/2023

PC Picture taken

Recap of the old Merch Sale:

  • Proceeds will be donated once all merch is sold

Presentation on recent CoSup Meeting: Ella is Head of Euronight & Alex is Treasurer of CoSup

Recap of the meeting held between Parents’ Association and Presidency

Long discussion about the 70th anniversary:

  • Stand that we have to set up during the fair on Thursday the 19th October
  • Products and projects related to the time capsule
  • Fashion show
  • Related PR Projects
  • Alumni event on Saturday the 21st

Beginning to work on the JPC:

  • Who will be joining the WG
  • When will it be held
  • New ideas + a timeline

Recap of meeting between Lux 1 & 2 Presidencies with Heads of Leisure:

  • Planning 2023-2024 event calendar
  • Discussion about upcoming S1-S3 Discos and 16+ events

Point about how the CoReps will be organizing themselves and their upcoming councils

This years hoodies:

  • What products will we sell
  • Our provider
  • What is the timeline for it