Meeting minutes 16/10/2023

Hello everyone, today we discussed:

Old Merch:

  • Merch has been solf and proceeds will go to a breast cancer charity

70th Anniversary:

  • PR project to inform about events
  • PC stand for the fair on Thursday
  • Canteen closed on Thursday
  • Time capsule:

    • Contents decided by student suggestions
    • Raffle for student cards, every student has an opportunity to participate

Leisure events:

  • 16+ Party with Lux2 discussion
  • S1-S3 Disco planning
  • Halloween spirit day on the 27th of October

    • Costume contest, prize: winner gets to pick a ticket to either a party (of the PC) or to the movies (Kinepolis)

PC School Merch:

  • Merch submission website in process and will start soon
  • Instagram poll if anything’s being added)


  • Planning to make a comeback!
  • WG established

That’s all for now!