Meeting minutes 24/10/2023

Hello everyone,

After the 70th Anniversary Party (which was a great success!) we are into our fourth official meeting in which we discussed the following topics:


  • Time Capsule contents ready and showcased at ES70 Party

    • Metal Plaque for the Capsule before buried
  • Giving back student cards from the raffle in the PC room (A107b), Wednesday and Thursday 20min break
  • PR to make recap post

Leisure Events

  • S1-S3 discos and 16+ party were discussed and will hopefully take place soon!
  • Future Leisure events date plan

Halloween Spirit Day

  • Will take place this Friday 27th
  • Bake sale by Baccom
  • Photobooth by Yearbook
  • PR content will be filmed


  • Poll regarding the options
  • Submission site will be published soon


  • Content filmed recap
  • Planning content and sections

That’s all for now