Meeting minutes 06/11/2023

Halloween Spirit Day Recap:

  • Successful! Baccom and Yearbook stands worked well
  • Costume contest winner to be transferred prize

Class Representatives Meeting:

  • Meeting planned for next week
  • Monday 13th P3 S1-S3, P4 S4-S7


  • Applications open for S1-S3 until Sunday 19.11.
  • WG meeting next week to overlook applications and outline meetings

CoRep Meeting Recaps:

  • Hygiene and Security Council
  • Educational Council

13Stars and CoSup Gaming Reps from ESL1
16+ Party:

  • Nightmare Before Christmas Party confirmed!
  • Friday 17th of November

S1-S3 Disco:

  • Date and theme discussion


  • Submissions are open until Friday 10th of November
  • Price and distribution discussion


  • WG meeting to be set up next week
  • Outline filming/editing timeline
  • Content and script brainstorm