Litter in the 6th & 7th year room

Dear 6th & 7th years,

TLDR: “Stop littering or there will be severe consequences”

Since the beginning of the year, we closed the 6th and 7th year’s room twice due to littering. Did anything change? Did those who are so disrespectful change their attitude? The answer is no!

Everyone is responsible for the littering, everyone is responsible for the disgusting atmosphere we have to work and relax in. This is because even if most of you are educated enough to clean up their mess before leaving the room, you also are responsible for not telling others to do so too.

This room belongs to all of us, and it is the responsibility of all of us to ensure it remains clean and pleasant for all.

The past days have shown that littering is still an issue. Therefore, we decided to ask the cleaning ladies to leave all the waste on the tables and the floor. It means that if some of you keep on littering, the condition in this room will keep on getting worse and worse, and hopefully, people will start realising how much their uncivilised attitudes affect others.

We also announce hereby today that future measures may involve the extended closure of the room, the banning of food and drinks in the room, the installation of cameras, the surveillance of a conseiller at peak times, the banning of the room of people that have been identified as recurrent litterers, as well as punishments going up to a retenue.

There is nothing more annoying than having to write these kinds of messages, it just shows that we truly care, and that we want to improve the situation for those who have been the victims of this.