Welcome to our new website

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, we’ve decided to keep one of our election promises (there’s a surprise) and launch this.


The Mighty Pupils’ Committee Website!

We’ve seen that many people are confused about what the Committee is and does. Some people citation needed think the Committee is a bunch of seventh years who sit around all day and do nothing but enjoy the free beer. Well,

  1. We aren’t all seventh years, heck, I’m fourth year
  2. We don’t sit around all day, we get things done
  3. We don’t sit around all day, only for a few hours, and
  4. There’s no free beer ????.

In an attempt to alleviate these concerns, we decided that it would be a good idea to expand our presence and information into the school. And this site is just one of many ways of doing that, so stay tuned for more stuff!

Please do check this site regularly, as we will post some interesting things on here that you should be aware of. Class reps especially. Also, there may be more interactive stuff coming on here soon… watch this space.

Thank you and goodnight!