Design the School Hoodie!

In previous years, people have been asking for us to bring hoodies even earlier. We are pleased to announce that we are opening submissions for hoodie designs starting today. If you haven’t got yours done yet, don’t worry, you have until mid-October.

Please keep these guidelines in mind when making your design. If they are not followed, we may not be able to accept your design.

  • If you’re designing on paper, please do it on white paper in black ink, not pencil.
  • If you’re designing digitally, please do it on a white (#FFFFFF) background in black (#000000).
  • If on paper, please scan it in, not take a picture, and do it at least 300dpi resolution.
  • Your design must be your own work.
  • You may submit either one small front and one big back logo, or just one of the two, but please mark which is which in the form below.

The deadline is 22.10.2017, designs will not be accepted after that date. After submissions close, we’ll put the designs to a public vote and the winner will get a free hoodie!

Submissions are closed, thanks to everyone who submitted a design! You can now go to vote on your favourites at