We’re making some changes around here…

As we mentioned in the meeting minutes for May 8th, we’re in the process of restructuring the Pupils’ Committee, to make it more efficient and cohesive, and also to better represent the students. This post will explain the changes that will take effect, starting with next year’s PC.


Part of the efforts will be to reduce the number of positions in the PC, by combining several positions into one. Here are the changes we are proposing:

  • Internal Committee becomes: a Head of Internal, two poster designers, and Internal Relations
  • Conseil d’Education and Conseil Consultatif, Canteen Committee and Library Committee combined into one position, with three members
  • Head of Leisure is no longer a separate position, and the number of members is reduced from five to four.

Background: Over the years, the Committee has grown and added more and more positions, which has lead to an uneven distribution of work between the members. While some positions will naturally require more work than others, at the moment the imbalance is too big. We’ll reduce the Pupils’ Committee from 23 members today to 19 next year.


For those of you who don’t know, the Pupils’ Committee Statutes are the basic rules that all PC members must follow. However, over the years they have grown, and today the Statutes are 15 pages long and have 75 articles. In addition, they are not always followed to the letter.

Therefore, as part of the reforms, we’re splitting the Statutes into two parts: the basic Statutes that specify some of the basic rules that all members must follow, and the Internal Rules that get into more specific detail. The idea is that, while the Statutes remain mostly the same over the years, the Rules can change from year to year.