Pupils’ Committee Elections 2018

The Pupils’ Committee is back!

We hope you’ve had a great summer, and you’re ready to tackle this new school year with even more enthusiasm.

The Pupils’ Committee elections have opened again, we’ve set up a specific website just for the elections: https://join.pupilscom-esl1.eu . Here, you’ll find a detailed explanation of all the positions and how the elections are run. Applications will close on Sunday the 23rd and the elections will take place on Tuesday the 25th. The electoral board is made up of Alix, Marks and William, and you should feel free to contact us at any time either on this website, by email to [email protected], through our Facebook and even through our Instagram.

Participating in the PC is an amazing experience, and we encourage everyone to join and make the school a better place for the students

See you on Tuesday!

Electoral Board