Statement on proposed mock oral changes

As some of you may have heard, the European Schools leadership is proposing to eliminate mock orals between written and oral examinations. This proposal is not finalised yet, and it will be discussed at the schools’ Conseils d’Administration in the coming weeks, the Joint Teaching Committee in early February and the Board of Governors meeting in mid-April. Until this time, the proposal is not yet officially approved.

Both the Pupils’ Committee and CoSup are strongly against the proposal, and we are exploring several options to express our opposition and halt, or at least delay, the implementation of the proposal. It is far too short notice for such a drastic change, and we hope to make that clear.

We are aware that there is a petition circulating around against it. At this point in time, we believe the best way to resolve the situation is through constructive dialogue, and CoSup are engaging the leadership in such.

For now, as students, the most productive thing you can do is to ask your parents to contact the Parents’ Association. Students and parents together have a lot more leverage, and a large number of parents expressing their concern will send a strong message to the leadership.

Should the situation change, we will of course keep you informed.