Meeting minutes 09/10/2023

PC Picture taken Recap of the old Merch Sale: Proceeds will be donated once all merch is sold Presentation on recent CoSup Meeting: Ella is Head of Euronight & Alex is Treasurer of CoSup Recap of the meeting held between Parents’ Association and Presidency Long discussion about the 70th anniversary: Stand that we have to set up during the fair on Thursday the 19th October Products and projects related to the time capsule Fashion show...

Meeting minutes 03/10/2023

Welcome to the new school year and the new PC and this is our first official meeting As the start of the school year ends we are tasked with helping out with the school’s 70th birthday, which is on the 19th-20th October, and will include fashion shows and fun events To add to that we also have to find a way to help all students vote on what song they want from each decade (60s...

Meeting minutes 17/04/2023

Hey everyone, on 17/04/2023 we discussed the following topics: Second-hand sale waffles worked well positive feedback future suggestions 16+ Party posters venue online ticket reservation Hobby day social media post S4 - S5 disco theme DJ S1 - S3 disco teacher organizer late sunset problem with lighting Luxfactor applicants Well-being week website participants workshops free fresh orange juice kahoot gratitude wall feedback jar Sodexo movie Fair-trade committee Grade disparity statistics Cross country meeting management Cosup...

Meeting minutes 20/03/2023

Hey everyone, on 20/03/2023 we discussed the following topics: Euronight big success zero injuries Art for the Earth exhibition winners prize giveaway Secondhand sale number of stands waffle sale JPC meeting positive feedback ideas every second week alternating between tuesday/wednseday 1 hour meetings Sports tournament School trip guidelines Statutes electoral board

Meeting minutes 13/03/2023

Hey everyone, on 13/03/2023 we discussed the following topics: Luxfactor Spirit days Art for the earth competition number of participants JPC meeting agenda introduction and activities Second hand sale Orientation meeting alumni invitations Library council Educational council test and assignment problems homework policy complaints management wifi problems

Meeting minutes 06/03/2023

Hey everyone, on 06/03/2023 we discussed the following topics: Euronight staff tickets payment method distribution of wristbands Luxfactor date Sports tournament Upcoming dress-up days Europe day dress up and your hobby day Junior pupils committee information meeting Second hand sale 30th March D block Library Council Council of the Presidency

Meeting minutes 27/02/2023

Hey everyone, on 27/02/2023 we discussed the following topics: Rose sale successful deliveries went well Merch distribution S6 - S7 room renovation Euronight 18th March ways to sell the tickets raffle method forms method DJs hired Lux factor hosts and judges new backstage role maybe intro and performance ideas Well being week CePas meeting different workshops Second hand sale meeting with Coll event location date Fames art competition exposition place prize pool Junior PC 11...

Meeting minutes 13/02/2023

Hey everyone, on 13/02/2023 we discussed the following topics: S1 - S3 Disco successful profits and donations Rose sale organisation Cosup meeting environmental course for S5 ICT 4 period course approved philosophy ethics course approved Digital Learning Committee

Meeting minutes 06/02/2023

Hey everyone, on 06/02/2023 we discussed the following topics: Junior Pupils Committee applicants Well-being week Art environment exhibition plan for event prize pool Admin board infrastructure/student rooms well-being committee cross country Management Meeting Extracurricular awareness week positive feedback

Meeting minutes 09/01/2023

Hey everyone, on 09/01/2023 we discussed the following topics: Cozy Christmas event good feedback Euronight Winter Prom \ photo booth Well being week meeting with members Mini PC renamed to Junior PC everyone can apply Environmental event Admin board meeting mental health issues teacher scarcity Orientation meeting feedback