Meeting Minutes 07/11/2016

Vote of no confidence Karlis voted out of PC Hoodies: Marks has made 2 voting prototypes. 0 designs received so far, “good progress”. (We should post about it on Facebook!!) Disco for 1st-3rd years: this Friday, 7-10 pm, Lux 1 Canteen 16+ Melusina Other dates are taken because of comeback (9th) bac party (16th)

Meeting Minutes 24/10/2016

tickets left Share event one more time on fb! Get to party early if you wish to help out! (Precise times will be updated) 15 min break meeting tomorrow POSTPONED Another meeting will be held after holidays (with warning this time) Hoodies: won’t be before christmas. Jan/ Feb Posters put up ASAP so people can work on designs.

Meeting Minutes 17/10/2016

Adjust 16+ poster: Words like “shots” are not allowed. “Drinks” can be accepted. No graphic images either (ie. bottles) due to anti-alcohol campaign. Class rep meetings: 1st-3rd year & 4th-7th year: next Tuesday & Wednesday (25/26 Oct), 15 min break. Meetings will be separate for 1st-3rd and 4th-7th years. Posters needed. Other upcoming posters: & DJ. 16+ ticket sales started today. We sold tickets. Mamer sold . Start selling to other schools next week. Share...

Meeting Minutes 10/10/2016

CoSup Spread CoSup Awareness “Did you know CoSup can make a big difference?” CoSup hoodies- designer needed. Online BAC corrections this year..? Alumni Europae - Uniting students. Big organisation - camps, parties Pup Com hoodie! (We have to pay for it ourselves, not from bank account.) Conseil Administratif meeting School has plan in case of terrorist attack. Brexit question. (Varying answers from different sources.) Every British student should be allowed to finish BAC. English section...

Meeting Minutes 03/10/2016

16+ PARTY: Reminder: Pup Com members do not get free shots. Photographer: gets Parties for 4th&5th years? ? Do now! So people can in winter, when it’s actually cold. Make posters: Meeting with Administration on Friday (Michael & Leo are going) - ask about Brexit CoSup: 1st meeting this weekend. Questions/points to bring up?

Meeting Minutes 09/05/2016

Our final meeting, my final notes. Opinions about the year Max: Apart from that, good. Willem: was very happy with . Lucas: very emotional, he too is happy. Gabija: she had a lot of work redacted[/redacted], but is happy, too. Elisa: PC has achieved a lot compared to last year. Lucilla: Loved the PC, loved her Cosup, Gregori: Loved the party, nice leisure committee, Clément a nice president (bit of a dictator ????????????) other schools...

Meeting Minutes 11/04/2016

CoSup: Education support to be improved - good stuff. 9 year rule - still being discussed. Some schools have given gym advanced class - pas mal! 16+: People seem to be interested in another 16+, looks like May 4th. Clubs to be discussed, also, how is transport going to be coordinated? Party must be until 06:00am as spoken about. Luxfactor: We expect everyone from Pupcom to be present. Leonardo, Emily, Angela, Martin, Diego are judges....

Meeting Minutes 04/04/2016

16+: Not , but generally was fine. . Luxfactor: . Share the event! Not many . Invite people from outside school, too, please! Hoodies: While the designs have been chosen and some final changes are made, ordering will start very soon. Some would like , too. Thom, Elisa and Clément are responsible for this particular project so for details or questions ask them. Conseil d’Ed: Late slip proposition was rejected. Talking about drugs, getting serious...

Meeting Minutes 29/02/2016

APEEE: came to talk about the School Fete on June 11th. Pupils’ Committee asked to help spread the word and put forth ideas. How to attract more people? Tonight is hoodie logo competition deadline. ? Luxfactor Poster again this year. BAC COM wants to sell drinks. Vote next week.

Meeting Minutes 22/02/2016

PCTV: In future after school to avoid having to close the room. Five suggestions made for next episode, we should get started soon for another cracking video. 16+. Very successful. A little too crowded, music had , but there was some . A little . Thanks to for cleaning up after. Hoodies: One week until deadline. Marks has fixed the form on the site. Luxfactor: Josh will be hosting with Alessio, judges are TBD. Entire...