Meeting Minutes 27/02/2017

Mme Vassilacou pays a visit. 31st March - possible date for LuxFactor. May is not possible. Meeting should be planned for backstage crew etc, LuxFactor should be advertised. Tickets - €2 Red Cross should be organised! Discos can’t be organised in the summer because it isn’t dark enough. Kids like it when it’s dark outside. 16+ People suggest themes? Public vote? 17th might be too soon. 24th March? People complaining that parties are “open events”....

Meeting Minutes 13/02/2017

Disco was Amazing. Disco was Apparently … Do more discos! CoSup - 10 tickets left out of 65. LuxFactor - 10th March might not be possible. doesn’t want to give us the stage without being there. We need school permission. All days are booked. We could try to get 12th May. Might happen in Mamer, otherwise. 16+ still being discussed. Contribute ideas!! Theme might be ‘WTF’ . Library meeting will be in March. 1-3rd class...

Meeting Minutes 06/02/2017

Hoodie sale: hoodies sold Next 16+: paint at tilt (?) (?) LuxFactor: 10th March (since changed) Host: Sara + Miguel Judges: Teresa, Max, Kadri, Marks Posters for LuxFactor! Europarty: 4th March Normal tickets €20 , VIP €50 We need DJs. Extra price for transport ~€20 Different bracelets for 16+ and 18+ for different alcohols. 1st-3rd year disco this Friday! In Mamer. New marking scheme next year! A - Fx Should ethics be in your first...

Meeting Minutes 16/01/2017

(Last meeting before prebacs!) profit at last 16+ hoodies sold CoSup meeting week after prebacs! Summary will be up on fb group. Conseil consultatif. If we want benches we need to make a specific, written request. (Henri please) Next 16+ possible dates: 10th or 17th March LUXfactor in March! Dinner after Prebacs.

Meeting Minutes 09/01/2017

Costs us to do a hoodie - sell it for 25€. (Cheaper than €30 like last year) 16+ went really well! Good feedback! There was , “pretty exciting” - leisure com has power to ban people! Conseil consultatif meeting tomorrow. Internal issues concerning all levels of school: Anti-drugs campaign Primary mascots Free fruits Send Henri questions!! (Will ask for benches) No cake sale . Plastic cups are not environmentally friendly!!!! Paper cups in cafeteria. Complaints...

Meeting Minutes 12/12/2016

Clément makes an appearance. Logo votes. Colours: Dark Grey, Burgundy, Black, Navy + White Logos: front - compass Back - European School of Lux Est. 1953 Advertise hoody sale! Make posters ASAP. Orders: first week after holidays. Problems: voting didn’t work from home? Cake sale next week. Anton in charge. 16+ ZOO We have enough DJs. To be chosen. Theme decided by Mamer and Kirchberg leisure comittees. Everyone should be advertising ZOO! Posters put up...

Meeting Minutes 21/11/2016

16+ Party NOT postponed 22nd December in Melusina Wednesday - meeting with manager to ask if we can do party until 6am If you have questions- suggest them Hoodies 1 week until deadline Someone tried hacking PC and they failed miserably. It’s chill, we didn’t get hacked. 6&7th year room being vandalised. Should we shut it? People want more books in the library. Complaints: no food left in cafeteria after 5th period

Meeting Minutes 14/11/2016

1st-3rd year disco was a success!! We used Mamer’s poster for the disco. Need to specify date, time, place, THEME. (Not enought food or drinks) Hoodies Use a different provider this year (to avoid surprises such as table-cloth-red, and pastel pink being neon). Votes for designs will be anonymous! CoSup meeting 3rd Dec If you have other project ideas, suggest them!

Meeting Minutes 07/11/2016

Vote of no confidence Karlis voted out of PC Hoodies: Marks has made 2 voting prototypes. 0 designs received so far, “good progress”. (We should post about it on Facebook!!) Disco for 1st-3rd years: this Friday, 7-10 pm, Lux 1 Canteen 16+ Melusina Other dates are taken because of comeback (9th) bac party (16th)

Meeting Minutes 24/10/2016

tickets left Share event one more time on fb! Get to party early if you wish to help out! (Precise times will be updated) 15 min break meeting tomorrow POSTPONED Another meeting will be held after holidays (with warning this time) Hoodies: won’t be before christmas. Jan/ Feb Posters put up ASAP so people can work on designs.