Meeting minutes 29/11/2021

Hey guys, in today’s meeting we focused a lot of leisure and events that we are planning for you. The disco for the S1-S3’s was a great success and now are excited to announce some others events that are happening very soon. 16+ party We are excited to announce that a contract has been signed with big beer company and it will be on the from 23h (possibly 22h30) to 3h. The tickets will be...

Meeting minutes 22/11/2021

Leisure Disco on friday - Cleaning after disco - Purple day for international day for disabled people 16+ party - S4-S5 event - Class rep meeting on Wednesday S1-S3 – period 2 S4-S7 – period 3 Merch sales Big packages - PC merch? Addition of a second IT member in the IT sub committee Website templates to use in the future Euronight -

Meeting minutes 15/11/2021

Your VP took over this weeks meeting minutes :) Hoodies! The final designs and colors for the hoodie, sweatshirt and tote bag were determined based on the voting results. Now we need to get the website functioning as soon as possible, sell the hoodies and let those printing machines do the work. Hoodie: Sweater: Tote bag: Disco: We finalized the date so we need to start preparing and since it’s a Covid check event things...

Meeting minutes 08/11/2021

Homework policy Merch - Voting site done More concrete BAC plan Better career’s day and orientation (for subject choices + universities) Leisure events - 16+ party - - Euronight PCTV - start filming Cross country - Survey Writings on the wall project - Winners are announced

Meeting minutes 25/10/2021

PCTV Merch - Hoodie – - Sweatshirt – - Tote bags – Sanitary products in bathrooms? Leisure events Halloween costume dress up PR - Cosup is getting a Wikipedia page Calendar for events

Meeting minutes 18/10/2021

Vandalism - Interview with cleaning staff? Event ideas: Educational council

Meeting minutes 11/10/2021

Ideas for leisure room - Sofas - Tennis table? - Better tables? - Plants? Educational council (12.10) - More sex education - Better S5-S6 room - Get rid of the cross country or at least move it to better time of year - exchange it for sports day - Reduce workload - organize teachers - Give more information about the BACs - career day with more info on universities and different work fields Merch -...

Meeting minutes 05/10/2021

Discussion on merch: - Hoodies from last year are going to be sold for 15 euros - Masks will be 3 euros (per mask) - Both will be sold this week, thursday 7th and friday 8th during the 20 minute break (11:10 - 11:30) - New merch: - Hoodies - Tote bags? Competition for hoodie design, deadline 24th of October to submit and deadline for voting 31th of October Events: - Club wall project -...

Meeting minutes 19/05/2021

• Elections for the electoral board Candidates: Anil, Georg, Henri, Jason, Paula, Leo Electoral board: Anil, Leo, Paula and Jason • Change rules from 16 years old to run as (vice) president or cosup to 15 • Anyone running for president cannot chair meetings •Luxfactor sell tickets during break -trailer for luxfactor

Meeting minutes 06/05/2021

Pre-elections video • schedule filming throughout a week Electoral board (4 people) Meeting without S7 next week