Meeting minutes 01/03/2021

• First day distributing masks was 01/03/2021 • Meeting to establish the distribution of masks in primary 02/03/2021 • Swimming petition (poll on instagram, bring up at meeting with management, propose an alternative like walking, badminton, climbing…) • Most people are against a week of online learning 2 weeks before the geo and history prebac

Meeting minutes 04/02/2021

Canteen Meeting recap - no microwave because of budget constraints Admin Board Summary: Psychologists available at all times for emergencies Well-being Workgroup exists “Care Team” with teachers will be created We should do a video introducing psychologists and teachers in the well being group Sustainability: Fountains to refill bottles More coordination with eco reps (one pc member should be in charge of coordination with eco group) Meetings with Zoé and Elise Canteen: “Meatless Monday” instead...

Meeting minutes 06/01/2021

Business is booming in the PC headquarters: 534 hoodies sold 651 masks sold - All profits from masks will go to ASF New PR position elections going on - 3 candidates Admin board coming up: Gender neutral bathrooms to be discussed? Mental Health: Yearly “Mental Health Day” in AIDS Day style Ensure the adequacy of school psychologists at the Admin Board Ensure that students are aware of the presence of the school psychologists Suggest that...

Meeting minutes 03/12/2020

Record hoodie sales: Around 500 Mask sales: Around 500 Hoodie orders for PC Members Discussions about having swimming in sport General feelings that students don’t feel safe Start a petition to complain about having swimming? A teacher () forced students to take their mask off during sport Discussions about having one week in quarantine after Christmas holidays Brought forward by management and parents Students against this proposal We will send an email to the administration...

Meeting minutes 23/11/2020

•Lourenço stepped down from the pc. •Cosup meeting summary •Hoodie and mask Each mask will be sold for 5€ Promote through a post on instagram •Gaming event/tournament Promote on instagram stories on Wednesday and Thursday Prize=50€ • There will be no meeting on the 07/12/2020

Meeting minutes 19/11/2020

Canteen Committee meeting recap Streusels are back! Encourage more soap and hand washing rather than hand gel dispensers More veg. meals for students The Pizzas are too big? A new rep from environmental group who wants to get rid of snickers, mars, bounty, etc. due to palm oil Students asked to open the lunch 2 go queues They said that´s not possible due to lack of personnel Against microwaves in cafeteria Not possible due to...

Meeting minutes 09/11/2020

Summary of Hygiene and Security Council: Covid transparency, anti-drugs workshop, sports lessons) Ms O’Donovan proposed a well being working group that would involve teachers and students to boost morale. Brainstorming of ideas that were sent to Ms O’Donovan Hoodie design: looked at top 5 most voted Poll on Instagram where students can vote to decide a combination of the designs

Meeting minutes 26/10/2020

We started with a quick recap of the presidency meeting Leisure: All events are cancelled Hoodies: all hoodies from last year (2019-2020) have been sold voting for the new hoodie design starts on wed 28/10 Water bottles: 11 water bottles going for the prize for the bike to school challenge Study rooms: Future PC meetings: in person meetings are preferred but they will be held online if not possible Minutes on instagram: post a quick...

Meeting minutes 12/10/2020

Leisure committee suggested different ideas for events: Cosup presentation Reminder that the pc photo will take place this thursday 15/10/2020 (bring costumes for funny photo!)

Meeting minutes 08/10/2020

Main rule of PC: don’t talk about anything discussed in PC meetings outside of PC COSUP MEETING: Presentation on the European School system by VP Ilan Einstoss Revised ecology budget - Proposed budget of (divided among schools according to student population) Investment ideas: water dispensers, digitalization of education, solar panel projects, expansions of green working groups in the schools CoSup climate rep-harmonization Other CoSup proposals: Ethics as an elective Vote at the BoG (Board of...